Trips: Just a Few Days Left

With just a few days left until the close of catch and release season in our Missouri parks, Jim Craig, Dave Beerbower and Kenny Klimes hit the road one more time to fish Maramec Spring park.  There are big fish in the park right now – enough said.  They will be gone when the cheese chuckers get there on March 1st and then it will be fish outside the parks or only in the parks on weekdays.  Say, it’s been a cold winter at times but if you missed it you just have a few more days left.

Fishing was very good.  From mohair leeches, to tiny Barr’s emergers, to those crazy Tenkara flies thrown by Dave the fish were very cooperative for us almost all day.  We fished the entire park and even though there were other fishermen there, we always had room to hit our spots.  The great day ended with Mexican food and fellowship.  Get out there!!!


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