FATC Classes

The FATC offers many different classes to improve your fly fishing experience. We offer fly fishing classes for beginners to intermediate fly fishers, fly tying classes, casting classes, and many more. Check out the classes below, let us know what you are interested in and we can get you started.

Fly Fishing

A great way to get started in the Flyfishers at the Crossing is to take one of our fly fishing classes. These classes are designed for beginner, novice and even intermediate fly fishers. Our classes take about 1 1/2 months to complete. The class consists of four 2-hour indoor classes, one 3-hour outdoor casting class and a day, one on one, on the water fishing with an instructor. The cost of the class is only $40 of which $20 goes for your two year dues in the FATC. Our classes are taught in the Fall and Winter. If interested contact us today.


Our Flypalooza, which we usually have twice per year, is our all membership fly tying night. We teach several flies on this night, usually with a theme, that the membership can use here in Missouri. We also have a raffle so the guys can win fly fishing gear and fly tying materials. It's a fun night of learning some new flies, meeting with old friends and making new ones.

Fly Tying

Throughout the year we have fly tying sessions where guys can not only learn how to tie flies but also how to fish these flies. This class meets twice per month and works on one specific fly for the entire night. The fly to be tied and the materials for that fly are sent out before the class and each tier is responsible for bringing the materials for the specific fly. It is an awesome night of fellowship.

Fly Fishing

At certain times of the year we will have advanced fly fishing classes dealing with one or more subjects to improve the skills of our fly fishers. These classes can cover anything from flies and the aquatic insects they represent to techniques to use on the water for varying fishing conditions. These classes are usually on an as needed basis and are for the entire membership.

Advanced Casting

This class takes the fly fisher to the next level in their casting abilities. It is patterned after the International Federation of Fly Fishers casting instructor certification test. The advanced casting class is several classes long.


Net Building

Our net building class allows our members to build beautiful fly fishing nets. Materials for the net are selected by each individual and creativity is the name of the game. No wood working knowledge is required as our woodworking experts will lead you through the entire process. Cost for the class runs from $50 - $70 depending on the materials that you want to use to build your personalized net.