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    Tim McCoy

    New discussion. How do you separate a stuck section of your fly rod? Being careful not to damage the rod.
    Kenny, we know, would just buy a new rod, not an affordable event for most of us.

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    Here are three ways to start when you get a stuck rod section:

    1. If you are still near the cold river, set your two stuck sections under the cold water for a few minutes and then give it a try.

    2. Carry with you a section of “rubber” shelving liner – similar what Kenny passed out to use for Ken’s Crazy ant. The rubber shelving liner will help you grasp the rod sections (above and below the ferrule) to pull apart. Don’t twist – pull straight.

    3. Have your fishing partner stand opposite of you and grab your rod with one hand above the stuck ferrule and below the stuck ferrule. You do the same thing facing him and then both pull evenly and straight in opposite directions.

    4, If that doesn’t work, do what Kenny said and buy a new rod!

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    Tim McCoy

    We are many generation away from the teachings I first received as a newbie fly fisherman. Back in the day we were taught to rub male rod ferrules behind our ears or along side our nose to oil the ferrules. That practice Is long gone. With the new rod materials there are no longer metal ferrules. I think if you keep everything clean ferrules will slip in and out easily. However, there is always that one time. Kenny outlined the procedure for separating stuck sections. I carry in my Sierra bag a pair of latex gloves, should carry two pair. The operation Kenny explained above about partnering with a buddy to separate stuck section is called “Hand Cross Over Method.” Works really well.

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    Mike Oldani

    Another suggestion from having this happen is prevention. I use paraffin wax on the rod ferrules. Applied every couple of months. So far it has worked for me. Never had a stuck rod yet but, I’m new to the fly fish addiction of only about 1 1/2 years.

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