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"Come follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men"

Mark 1:17
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The Flyfishers at The Crossing (FATC) is a fellowship for men with a passion for fly fishing, helping them grow in their faith through community service, charity and brotherhood.  We are a not-for-profit (501)(c)(3) organization based in the St. Louis, Missouri area and are not affiliated with any particular denomination or church.

The members of our fellowship are dedicated fly fishers. The "Flyfishers at The Crossing" fly fish not only in Missouri but throughout the United States.  Our members have fished as far away as Alaska, New Zealand, throughout the Rocky Mountain states, and the great rivers of Missouri.  Some of our group trips have included the San Juan River in New Mexico, Yellowstone, South Platte river and the Dream Stream in Colorado, Steamboat Springs area, the North Fork of the White river in southern Missouri, Lake Taneycomo in Branson, and many nearby trips to Cardiac Hill, Montauk, Meramac Spring, Current River, Little Piney river, Eleven Point river and Bennett Spring.

The FATC grew out of a fly fishing class which started in the Spring of 2007.  Now we have fly fishing classes, fly tying classes, a MDC Stream Team, besides the many trips we take together.  More importantly our community service and charitable work continues throughout the year. We also have many discounts on fly fishing gear that help the new fly fisher get started and the experienced fly fisher replenish.

Our community of flyfishers is now over 100 members strong. Throughout the year, trips are planned to hone our skills and strengthen our friendships.  Our motto "It isn't about the fly fishing" means we are more about being a brotherhood of men.  

Two roads crossed in the woods, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.  Are you at the crossing of two roads in your life?  Take the one less traveled and come join the Flyfishers at The Crossing.   Interested - email us at ourFATC@gmail.com.

"The Flyfishers at The Crossing"
First Class Trip
 Lake Taneycomo March 2007 
Jerry Lybarger, Kenny Klimes, Mike Meadows, John Walker, Jim Brickler, and John Bloss (not in photo)

In Memory of Ben Hynds
Flyfisherman, Friend and Brother in Christ

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*****The Flyfishers at The Crossing***** 

Upcoming Events

FATC membership meeting on Monday, November 21st at West County Community church in Glencoe (Wildwood) from 7pm - 9pm. We'll discuss our vision and direction for the future.  Everyone is welcome to learn more about the FATC

Let's Go Fishing show - Jan. 6th - 8th at the Gateway Conference Center in Collinsville, Illinois.  We will be helping out with several booths. Looking for volunteers!! 

FATC ​Stream Team #4907

Welcome to The Flyfishers at The Crossing Stream Team #4907

What is Stream Team? In short…Stream Team is a group of people who care about the health of Missouri streams. The Flyfishers at The Crossing have formed a Stream Team to help preserve and protect our states waterways.  Click HERE for more information about the Stream Team program. 

How can I get involved in The Flyfishers at The Crossing Stream Team? If you are interested in getting involved, contact the FATC Stream Team coordinator at fatcteam4907@gmail.com. Look for more information in the coming weeks on ways you can get involved in our groups efforts.

In Memory of Lew Smith
Flyfisherman, Friend and Brother in Christ
June 17, 1954 - December 1, 2014
​In Memory of Bob Chott
Flyfisherman, Friend and Brother in Christ
March 31, 1958 - July 8, 2015
In Memory of Mike Gay
Flyfisherman, Friend and Brother in Christ
October 26, 1951 - May 18, 2016
Gone, But Not Forgotten
Mike Chambers, Jon O'Connor, Jordan Crist, Kenny Klimes, Lee Armstrong, Tom Kelly, Martin Jones, Miles Meyer, Terry Seaton, Jim Craig, Dave Komor, Mike Bisaga, and Bill Lowry
Getting instructions from Mike Bisaga.
New guys and old heads getting acquainted.
Mike Bisaga helps the group pick out the aquatic insects for counting
Jim Craig seems to have a question for Mike
Specimen tray loaded with the aquatic insects we found on this day.
Time for lunch and discuss the day and have fellowship with all.
Stream Team Finishes up Bonhomme creek (Oct 1st)

Our FATC Stream Team finished up the year's testing and monitoring at Bonhomme creek for the year.  Thirteen FATC members attended the Stream Team event so Mike Bisaga and Mike Chambers, our Stream team leaders, were able to split the team into two groups.  This allowed the Team to cover both of their Bonhomme areas in one day.  Mike Bisaga took a group of seven and Mike Chambers grabbed the rest of the six.  Several first timers were with us and learned a lot about our river conservation program here in Missouri AND got to the see the aquatic insects they will use to fish for trout up close and personal. The team this Saturday included Mike Chambers, Jon O' Connor, Jordan Crist, Kenny Klimes, Lee Armstrong, Tom Kelly , Martin Jones, Miles Meyer, Terry Seaton, Jim Craig, Dave Komor, Mike Bisaga and Bill Lowry.  Jones, Armstrong, Craig and Lowry are in the 2016 Fall class going on during this month - good on ya for making this Stream Team event (extra credit!!!).  

As always the guys found lots of aquatic insects during their monitoring of the creek: mayfly nymphs, caddis larva, scuds, aquatic worms, and more.  They pulled several bags of trash out of the creek with the Chambers' guys pulling what we thought might be a very heavy metal coupling for a train (wait there are no trains in the area??). 

After working on the creek for three hours we all met back up at Babler State park for a cookout of burgers, chips, and that St. Louis gooey butter cookie thing.  Lots of questions from the new guys on the fellowship and a lot of stories from past fishing trips.

If you have not done a StreamTeam event yet try not to miss it.  Your fly fishing knowledge will surely increase!!