Trips: Two Grads and Two Ory’s Spuds Please

Another graduation trip to Montauk this Monday as six FATC piled into the old green suburban and headed down to Salem, Missouri. Kenny was going to graduate, Paul Schneider and Lou Forbringer, while Jim Craig, Bill Byington and Glenn Haake made the trip with them. It was a beautiful day and as most times in the winter catch and release season, the park was pretty much all ours.  Both Lou and Paul got their “graduation” trout before lunch which took the pressure off of them for the rest of the afternoon. Kenny, Lou and Paul fished above the dam until lunch while the other three headed upstream to check out the fishing at the beginning of the park.  As it has in the past the fishing was ok in the morning hours, slowed down during the mid-day and picked up near the end of the day when the sun was setting.  After lunch everyone fished some where in the fly fishing only area. Many of you that have fished Montauk park this year know the river has changed a lot. Your favorite holes may be gone but now is the time to find new ones – it’s a different river.  The best flies of the day were woolybuggers, scuds, cerise worms, midges, and soft hackles. Everyone put a fish or more in the net and it was a fun day for all.

To celebrate Lou and Paul’s graduation we took them to Hicks BBQ. It was their first time there. We told them as tradition has it, new guys must order the Ory’s Spud after their graduation or as we like to call it the “Chernobyl spud” (and they fell for it!!!). So Paul and Lou ordered the Ory’s spud for dinner. Now, you would think with all the talk and warnings we gave them about the “Chernobyl spud” that they would think it was big. But no, not Lou, he orders another dinner to go along with his “potato”. Two meals from Hicks!! Has anyone ever been able to completely finish one meal??  Well, we are very proud of our two new guys and they will never have to order an Ory’s Spud again!  Have you had your Ory’s spud yet???


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