Trips: There Will Be Days Like This

As the song goes, “Mama said, there will be days like this….”.  If a front moves through an area does that shut the fishing down? I’ve always wondered if that was true.  Well, maybe it is.  Five FATC fly fishers headed to the Meramec river to chase the browns that were there the week before; Mike Oldani, Al Angiocchi, Kenny Klimes, Dave Beerbower and a sick guy.  Dave has been nursing a bum leg so he decided to fish in the park while the rest of us went to fish the river.  Of course we started at the bend and ‘nothin’.  The water was low and so clear you could read a newspaper at 4 feet under water. The trout would not cooperate so we headed downstream to the first riffle.  Very few, and I mean very few, trout were seen – where do they go? It was obvious to us that the December stocking had not taken place yet.  We targeted a few trout but no takers so we headed further downstream. Again and again – four fly fishers and no hits – frustrating. We fished all the way to the Dry creek area and then had lunch. No fish but plenty of good laughs and fellowship which made the morning all worth it. I guess misery does love company.

In the afternoon we returned to the beginning of the river and tried one more time the bend and the first riffles. Mike and Kenny found a few more fish and began targeting this big rainbow. Kenny pulled out a glo-bug (don’t tell the Sensei) and began to pass it along the side of the nice male rainbow.  Kenny saw the take as the ‘bow turned his head and set the hook. Fish on.  They then joined Al at the bend just in time to see him pull in a nice rainbow on a tan shammy worm. With two hours to go in the day we decided to join Dave in the park. Just a couple more fish and the day was done. From this report do not count the Meramec river out. Let it rest, maybe a little rain, and try it again. They should stock again soon and it will be back on top again.

Even though the fishing was super tough the fellowship was awesome – laughs, stories and just getting to know each other better.  Plus we found a new place to eat when we fish the Meramec area. It’s in St James called Missouri pizza. Individual sized pizzas with all kinds of toppings. Being a Chicago boy and a pizza snob, I’d have to say it wasn’t bad. Try it next time you are in the area.

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