Trips: Montauk Changed – He is Czech You Know!

Only two members were willing to go fish this past Tuesday (March 6th) – Jim Craig and Kenny Klimes.  The plan was to fish Cardiac Hill which probably scared a few people from going. But as you should ALWAYS do, they checked the water levels and flow rate at Cardiac Hill before they departed (because of the rain fall the day prior) and decided it would be impossible to fish. So they headed to Montauk to check out the conditions there after their flooding a week and a half ago.  Guess what? Montauk has changed again!  The flooding they had moved trees, filled in holes and made new holes. So now when you return to Montauk it’s a new river again – study it and fish it.

Jim and Kenny approached a basically empty park, bought their tags and headed upstream to the beginning of the fly fishing only area. The water was slightly higher and faster than normal but very fishable.  Kenny was going to try out his new euro-nymphing (Czech) rod and practice a new technique for him.  Jim would follow close behind.  Kenny had a learning curve going with this new technique but as the day progressed got better and better at it – he is Czech you know!.  Jim tried throwing some buggers but so realized that the trout were hunkered down on the bottom and nymphing with heavier flies was the ticket.  They also had the chance to site fish as many trout were hugging the shoreline and could be easily targeted.

Overall it was a good day (better than a sharp stick in the eye). It was very windy and at times that became a challenge and it snowed in the afternoon – did not expect that to happen.  We even fished downstream from the bridge in the afternoon.  Remember that BIG hole just up stream from the boulder – GONE!  We caught plenty of fish and called the day complete around 4pm.  We stopped in Rolla to eat at the “Tater Patch” and made our way home.  So Montauk has changed – accept it and find the new holes.  Also, ALWAYS check the water charts on our web site (Education section) before you go fishing now that the Spring rains are here.


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