Trips: A Little Practice at Meramec

Paul Schneider asked Kenny for a little more practice and Kenny agreed since it would be Paul’s second trip ever.  Jim Craig and Sid Aslin joined them and off they went to Maramec Spring park and the Meramec river. The plan was to fish in the park until lunch and then head outside to the river. Paul got some good practice around the island in the beginning of the park as Kenny “hawked” him most of the day.  Sid and Jim went further downstream in the park and as you can see from the pictures did fairly well.  Sid pulled out an 18 incher and Jim caught a few big rainbows too. The park was “crowded” for a winter Friday but we all made room for everyone.  After lunch the guys decided to head outside the park to show Paul where and what it looked like.  Sid stayed in the park. Paul fished the bend and did miss a big fish.  He had the big rainbow on for a few seconds to give him a little thrill anyway. Jim and Kenny checked out the first riffle to see if the browns were back (very few – so we think they haven’t stocked for December yet). Kenny did have a huge rainbow on, the same one, four different times and couldn’t bring him in. The day ended at 4pm with a fellowship meal at Missouri Pizza in St James. Their crew remembered us and took care of us with some pretty good pizza.  So far our weather has been fairly mild for winter which means a lot of time on the water – get there!



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