Service: Cub Scouts Launch day

10 FATC members had the opportunity to participate in the Greater St. Louis Area Council Cub Scout Day One event at Beaumont Scout Reservation. This event is designed to give all new Scouts a chance to experience all the great activities Scouting has to offer. At Day One, Cub Scouts participate in a variety outdoor activities(including fishing), games and a full day of hands-on introductions to archery, BB guns, campfire cooking, science projects, art and leatherworking. 

Our fishing area included Backyard Bass where Scouts used button cast rods to “fish” for bass.  In our station we also taught many Scouts the basics of fly fishing.  Teaching fly casting to a 7 yr old in a 20 mph wind turned out to be a little more challenging than expected. Even with the wind, our FATC guides were able to get the Scouts onto some quality felt lawn trout. The day was cut a little short as the skies opened up on participants.  Most Scouts did not care, but the parents did. All in all, it was a great event and a great experience for our FATC team . A big thanks to our guys for giving up some of their time to serve our youth and to Mike Bisaga for leading the effort..

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