New Product: C&F 201 Fly Box

New Product:

I’ve been hearing a lot from our “older” guys that they are just going to tie on big flies (woolybuggers, Tiger tails, mohair leeches) because they can’t see to tie the tiny flies on their line. Or some have said it’s too cold to tie on those size 24-18 flies. Well, I saw an interesting fly fishing product that just might help those guys to fish tiny flies again.

It’s called the C&F Design CF-201 fly box. It’s a fly box that contains micro slit foam to hold your tiny flies but also six “threaders” that help you thread your tiny flies before you get on the water. Slide your fly onto the threader, run your tippet through the threader and when you’re ready for the fly it’s already threaded on the tippet. The cost runs in the $40 range. There is a small threader box for small flies – sizes 14-20 and a midge box that threads flies sizes 18-26.

I haven’t tried this new product but Dave Beerbower has and likes it. So if you stopped using small flies because you can’t get them on your tippet then maybe it’s time for the C&F Design CF-201 fly box.

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    • thanks for the compliment BKBYING 89 as anytime my name and Kenny’s is used in the same sentence concerning flyfishing is a compliment! So many times when I fish with him I want to just watch him fish to gain some knowledge and forget to fish myself and I am very grateful for everything that he has done for me! I just got one for a birthday present and have only used it once and I am excited that I will be able to nymph fish again! My son purchased mine through his Amazon prime account. I had a similar one a few years ago, but must have lost it in one of my tumbles in the river so this one will be very well secured! This one I have it on a lanyard that I wear around my neck and the old one I just pulled out of my vest pocket. It came with 5 threaders and more can be purchased separately. I would suggest the first time out to just load about a dozen flies in it and then build from there. Gary Elliott was recently fishing with Dave Beerbower and he saw Dave’s and Gary told me about it as I was about to give up on nymph fishing.

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