Trips: The Cardiac Hill Experience

Some days you’re hot and some days your not. For Jim Craig, he was, how you say, On FIRE!! Four FATC fished Cardiac Hill on the Meramec river this past Thursday.  Kenny Klimes and Mike Oldani had fished Cardiac before but Jim Craig and Mystery man had never fished it. Could it have been a “flash in the pan”?  It was a cloudy and cold day but that didn’t deter the four from fishing.  Cardiac hill can be tough at times. You don’t go there expecting to catch 15-20 fish. Usually 7-10 is an awesome day and you’re hoping for some good size fish too. Well, if that’s the case then Jim had an awesome day catching at least 5 trout that pushed the 15 inch mark.  Cardiac Hill is a beautiful place to fish with runs and deep holes. We started out the day walking up river to fish and worked our way down to Suicide Hill (yes, it’s named that for a reason).  Jim used a olive bugger until it was torn to shreds (even Kenny begged him for one to try!).  We all had a great time of laughs and fellowship. I highly suggest that you do not fish Cardiac Hill area alone, especially in the winter.  It’s a long walk back to the car, up hill, and hypothermia can set in fast so bring a friend in case you get into trouble.  We ate at El Nopal in Sullivan for fellowship dinner. We made Jim buy the margaritas at the Mexican restaurant because he caught more fish than the other three of us combined so he paid for it.

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