Stream Team: Bonhomme Creek

9 FATC members, Mike Bisaga, Jon O’Connor, Dave Komor, Mike McCutchen, John Guyer, MikeChambers, Miles Meyer, Matt McClure and Conner Peters headed out on a cool rainy morning.  We met at a location in Babler park, where after introductions and a quick briefing, we split into two groups and carpooled to our sites.  One group headed to Pond Athletic Fields and the other to our site just outside Babler Park.  Weather cleared up nicely for us, and it turned out to be a very nice day.  Many bugs were found and identified.  Lots of Mayflies, scuds, sowbugs along with a fair number of stoneflies, caddis, cased caddis and even a handful of “mopflies”, sorry Kenny, I mean crane fly larva. Matt was out with his drone and got some interesting shots of our guys doing their thing.
If you have not joined us on one of our Stream events, you really should.  Everyone that does learns a lot and we always have a great time.

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