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This page was last updated: October 2, 2015

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Even More Trip Reports Below
Never Been to Cardiac Hill?? (Jun 9th)   Kenny Klimes and Dave Beerbower decided to get out and fish.  Kenny hadn't fished in a month - ridiculous!!  So as they made their last minute plans Dave mentioned that he had never been to Cardiac Hill to fish - ridiculous!!  So early Tuesday morning they headed down to Cardiac Hill.  The Meramec river near Cardiac Hill is often tough fishing in the summer.  With the sun shining bright and no clouds anywhere it looked as though this too would be a tough day of fishing.  The trout were down deep and because of the bright sun showed very little movement.  It was decided to go deep and gaudy so with plenty of weight and cerise worms tied to the guys tippet they hunted for browns in this area.  They started by walking up river to some deep runs and were rewarded.  The cerise  worm was the best fly of the day when fished in deep runs with plenty of weight.  One brown was taken just shy of 16 inches and several fat rainbow from 14 - 15 inches.  The guys fished back down to the put in point (Beginner's Riffle) and had lunch.  The afternoon they worked down to Suicide hill but the hot sun made the fishing a lot tougher.  The day ended around 3pm.  Dave enjoyed his his first time at Cardiac but wished he had caught more fish.  Cardiac Hill can be tough place when summer approaches - Spring seems to be the best time BUT there are trout there to be caught - check out pictures. (And please don't make fun of Kenny's goofy hat!)
Kenny Klimes and Dave Beerbower
Kenny with a nice rainbow
The rainbows caught were chunky
Dave thinks it's funny that Kenny's fish jumped out of his net.
Kenny with the only Brown of the day!
Another rainbow
Dave dead drifting - is he wearing shorts??
Big Bow with Ceriise Worm
Another fat rainbow
 Water High but Montauk Good (June 24th - 25th)  Sid Aslin sends us this report from Montauk State park.   I had not been on the water for a while so I was itching to fish again so I headed to Montauk Tuesday afternoon to fish. I got a campsite and started fishing about 3 PM. Water is up, but found several trout on Wooly Buggers (mostly olive green) . Did the same on Wednesday! By Thursday I was getting tired of constantly feeling like the water was about to cause me to fall in but I had not.  So I fished on the banks and was pleased that some were finally rising and got some on top water! Thursday I ran into Gabby and Bruce Morton on the water who were doing well fishing with leaches under a strike indicator, but also fishing on the bank! Bruce got to initiate his newest home made bamboo fly rod and was pleased with it's performance! I wanted to get a good picture of him with a trout and his new rod, but accidentally dropped my cellphone/camera into the water when I took a tumble . Luckily I was able to use a hand dryer on it from the restroom and get it to work again.  I personally am going to wait until the water goes down before I fish down there again, but I would suggest that any of you that are more stable wading in rapid water to head down there while the fishing is great!    

Yes, Water is High but Fishing is Good! - Tan Vat (June 27th)    John Walker sends us this report after his great day on the water.  On Saturday June 27th, I headed down to Montauk for a little therapy, aka fishing. Also, I had just bought a new rod and a new Redington Rise-II Reel from Wooly Bugger and was keen to try it out. Shameless plug, but I really like the reel and with the 20% discount the FATC gets it is quite a good deal. Anyhow, on to the fishing, with all the rain the Current river is was running about twice the normal flow on Saturday (~ 450 cvs) and at about 12-16in above normal height. Much of the smaller particulates had settled back down so the water clarity was ok but there was a lot of bigger debris like grasses, leaves, twigs etc... floating in the river, making it what people in the know call technical fishing. :) That is a little inside joke but It was a little challenging. As for the fishing itself, I started the day at TanVat and with the clarity being what it was I tried nymphing and when I wasn't removing grass from my flies the fishing was pretty good. With all the water pushing and moving through the stream, I would imagine that a lot of bugs were floating in the river right now making the fish happy, happy, happy. I had a lot of success with the P&P but the bigger nymphs were also working pretty well. I caught fish on prince nymphs and the hares ear nymphs as well - size 14. I caught a nice 17-18in Brown on the hares ear. That would have been more exciting except about 30 min earlier a guy approached me from that really deep hole about a mile from the TV parking lot. I got to take pictures of his lunker for him. He caught it on a chartreuse worm. I fished below the cable just outside the park in the afternoon. The water has really changed some of the layout so folks who haven't been down there lately will see some big changes in a couple of the usual holes. The weather was great all day and it was a pretty enjoyable trip.  

A shameless plug for Woolybugger! But I too (Kenny Klimes) bought one of these reels from Woolybugger Fly Co.  They are giving us a great deal!
Father/Son Trip to Montauk (June 29 & 30)    Matt McClure sends this report as he enjoys a couple days fly fishing with his son.  My son and I set out for Montauk Sunday evening with the new travel trailer. We fished all day Monday and half day Tuesday. Although The campground was full there wasn't a lot of pressure on the river. Lots of families vacationing and enjoying the outdoors but not all fishing. We concentrated our efforts from the spring down to the spillway on both days. The winner for us was a red San juan worm although we did catch a few on primrose and pearl, copper john and blue Crackeback however the San juan worm caught fish consistently all day no matter what part of the river we were fishing. Fishing was very good, Weather was excellent and the best part was we were able to spend some quality father / son time together. On a side note we also spent a couple days at Bennett several weeks ago. Our hot spot was casting upstream through the center arch of the main bridge and stripping black woolybuggers. We both caught at least 30 fish each on the first day working that area. Plan is to return to Montauk in a couple weeks to enjoy more of the great outdoors.    Matt
Canada Fly Fishing (July 7th -12th):  Just completed our annual Brothers/Sons - Uncles/Nephews trip to Ontario, Canada.  Although we do fish with baitcasting and spinning techniques we also find the time to throw a fly or two.  Our trip this year was in July, three weeks later than we normally go, and the "catching" happened to be fair this time of year.  We caught some Musky, Northern Pike and of course, Smallmouth Bass.  I did manage to do some fly fishing and have a few pictures of some of the fish caught on the fly rod. I used my new 10wt fly rod hoping to tag into a "big" pike or musky but didn't get the "big" one this year.  Oh well, I guess I'll just have to go back!!  I did experience one thing - my ULTIMATE FISHING NIGHTMARE!! It is to have a nice pike or musky on the hook and as I take him off he shakes and gets me hooked with him.  Yes, both of us hooked at the same time. As the pike thrashed in the water shaking the lure in his mouth and my hand hooked to the lure - it didn't feel too good - he finally some how shook off the lure and left me still hooked to it.  Didn't have to pull the treble hook through my skin - the pike did it for me.  My son snipped the hook barb free with our small bolt cutters.  The hand is ok but the memory remains. Maybe now the nightmare will go away.  If any of you get a chance to fish in Canada don't forget to bring your fly rod.  Remember you can catch any fish on a fly rod - any fish!!  See you on the water - and tight lines, Kenny Klimes
About a 16 1/2 inch smallmouth bass caught on a top water fly.
This northern pike was caught on a fly I tied with EP fibers to look like a baitfish.
Water Cloudy and High but Fishing Good - Montauk (July 21st):   Kenny Klimes and Jim Anzer found time to go fishing this Tuesday and their travels took them to Montauk.  After some severe thunderstorms in the area during the week, the guys weren't sure what the water conditions would look like but they went anyway.  They fished Montauk in the morning.  The water was high and moving fast but they handled the conditions well and were rewarded with several rainbows.  Midges, nymphs, and wooly buggers were used.  After lunch the guys headed to Tan Vat since Jim had never fished there before.  One guy coming off the water said he caught several nice browns so with the water high and fast we put on the "meat" - wooly buggers and sculpin patterns.  No browns but nice rainbows were caught.  Cerise worms and again, small midges did best. Jim had the big fish of the day just before quitting time. It was a great trip, not a lot of fish caught but at great time of fellowship.  We took our time and relaxed throughout the day - no rushing.  With the high water, which will go down and clear soon, the fishing should be awesome so don't miss out on it.
Jim Anzer and Kenny Klimes - Something looks different about Kenny - need a closeup?
Montauk rainbow
Montauk rainbow on a P&P midge
Another Montauk rainbow
Jim has one on the line - check out water color
Come to the net!
Another Montauk rainbow
Here is a Tan Vat rainbow - water high, fast and cloudy
Jim pulls in a nice Tan Vat rainbow
Last fish of the day - very nice - time to quit!
Hot but Awesome Fishing - Montauk (July 28th)   Tim Klotz, Sid Aslin, Jim Franke and Kenny Klimes made their way down to Montauk for some summer fishing.  The weather forecast called for a sunny day with hot temperatures but that didn't stop the foursome.  Their plan was to meet up with Matt McClure and his father, Ed McClure, who had been at Montauk State park camping for the past few days.  The six all met at the beginning of the fly fish only area near the spring and spent the rest of the day together.  Matt's dad, Ed, was new to fly fishing so we took him under our wing and got him in the good holes at the park.  Everyone fished down to the "honey hole" area and then broke for lunch.  Everyone had fish in the net throughout the morning with the best flies being the Cerise worm, small red San Juan worms, midges (P&P and black zebra) and the soft hackle in light colors.  Several fish were caught in the 16 inch range with most averaging around 13 - 14 inches.  Tim, Sid and Jim paid Kenny (a nickle) for extra lessons on the water that helped them on to fish.  After a hearty lunch the gang decided to start where they ended at the honey hole and work their way down through Walter's stretch, the boulder and end at the dam.  The best flies in the afternoon seemed to be the smaller flies - P&P midges, soft hackles, size 20 blue wing olives dry flies.  As we reported back no one fell in and no one hurt themselves = successful trip.  Everyone had an awesome time of fishing and fellowship.  The four Amigos said their good byes to Matt and his dad and headed to eat some BBQ before returning home.  The talk on the way home ended up being more about teaching Kenny the finer points of retirement than on fishing.  I guess that's ok.  Yes, the temps are very hot right now but when you are on the water it doesn't seem that bad.  A couple of guys even wet waded (without waders) and were very "refreshed" through out the day's fishing.  Get out for a day - you will be glad you did!!
Kenny Klimes, Jim Franke, Tim Klotz and Sid Aslin ready to tackle the hot day with some fly fishing
As we meet up with Matt on the water he has a fish on the line!
Very nice rainbow from up near the spring
Matt and his dad, Ed, enjoying a few days together on the water
A Montauk rainbow in the net with a cold sore?
Jim Franke with one of his many rainbows and yes, it is a goofy hat Jim!!
Kenny with a nice rainbow - is he touting a retirement beard??
Sid Aslin with one of his rainbows
Sid had a fish on!!
Kenny with a 16 incher
Ed McClure with a rainbow on a P&P midge
Kenny with another 16 inch rainbow on a soft hackle
Long Time Friends Fly Fish the Current River (Aug 6th & 7th)   One of my long time friends from high school, Ron Fiala, traveled down from Chicago to join me (Kenny Klimes) for a two day fly fishing trip to the Current river.  After attending the Gateway Trout Unlimited chapter monthly meeting on Wednesday night (it was nice to see a few of our FATC members there - Palmer, Graham, Drochelman), Ron and I headed down to the Current river to fish Montauk, below the cable and Tan Vat.  Since we decided to stay the night in Salem we arrived at Montauk in the late morning and fished the park until about 4pm.  It was very crowded for a Thursday but found out being the last full week before school starts a lot of families were getting that last week of vacation in.  We even met Jim Franke and Craig Dull on the water (see picture). Ron got to fish the entire fly fishing area, we ate dinner at the lodge, and fished below the cable that evening.  The fishing was good as we caught plenty of rainbows in and outside the park.  The best flies were the P&P midge, black zebra midge, black leech, stimulator, pheasant tail nymph, and san juan worm.  Ron and I stayed at the Crossroads Inn in Salem. It was Very nice and we even had a complimentary breakfast the next morning.  On Friday morning the alarms rang early (5am) as we wanted to be the first to Tan Vat.  We had the river to ourselves and fished down stream first then up stream last.  We pretty much used the same flies and saw a pretty cool Trico hatch early in the morning. Ron caught the big fish of the day here as he targeted a feeding rainbow under a tree branch.  Sorry no picture because he dropped it in the river after he pulled it from his net.  :(    The dog days of summer are almost over and soon the kids will be back in school - meaning - the rivers will be less crowded and cool temperatures.  If you haven't fished much this summer you better get your gear ready and pick a day!
Kenny Klimes and Ron Fiala getting ready to fish the Current river
Ron tagging into his first Montauk rainbow
Quick release and back fishing again
Jim Franke and Craig Dull greet us on the river!!
Ron with another rainbow
Nice job Ron! I think he likes Missouri fly fishing
Honest the rainbow slipped right out of my hands.
I have to buy one of those rubber nets - soon before Kenny chews me out any more!
Current River Below the Cable is Fishing Very Well  (August 6th - 8th)  Jim Franke and Craig Dull got together to do a little fly fishing on the Current river.  Here's there report:
Craig Dull and Jim Franke set out on a three day outing to Montauk on Thursday, 8/6, through Saturday, 8/8.   Upon arriving at Montauk on Thursday morning we found the park as crowded as we had ever seen it.  The first pool below the spring was packed so we decided to start at the next pool down.   As we walked toward the river we saw what at first glance looked like Sean Connery, only a little balder and somewhat heavier.   As we got closer we realized it wasn’t Sean at all but “I never fish in the park during regular summer season” Kenny Klimes and his friend Ron.  Needless to say they were both catching fish and it wasn’t long before Craig and I caught a few.   As usual the P&P midge, San Juan worm and the renegade were working best.   After dinner we fished until the the horn and blue winged olives were the ticket during the best evening hatch I think I have ever seen. The next morning started strong with several fish taken at the horn. It slowed through mid day but Craig Dull came on strong in the afternoon with several taken on a big, legged creature (this fly is also called the rubber legged stone fly - see picture) he had bought on recommendation from FeatherCraft.   Saturday we fished below the cable and it was awesome, the best fly fishing I have ever experienced. We both caught many large rainbows in the 15 - 16 inch range and the action was almost non stop! P&Ps fished on a dropper under that big, legged creature were on fire and I even took one on the big legged bug. I switched to a renegade and was able to elicit strikes and several nice hook ups at the pool at the bend, even when there were no rises. But the fish of the trip goes to Craig.  In the same pool he hooked what looked to be a 17 - 18 inch fish, possibly a brown.   He got it to within netting range only see it slip away as it broke the line.  All in all it was great trip!  Sounds like Craig and Jim had an awesome three days of fly fishing!  Thanks for the report Jim and thanks to both of you to show us how easy it is to call up someone and just ask, "Hey, you want to go fishing this week?".  The FATC is now in the process of putting together a FATC locator list so you will be able to have cell numbers, email addresses and locations of all the FATC members.  This would make it easier to find someone to join you for a day of fly fishing!!

Craig Dull with a beautiful rainbow
Jim Franke with one of his many nice Current river rainbows
Craig with a Current river rainbow - sorry for him being a little "sideways"
Another beauty for Jim "I invented the Jimmy Loop " Franke
The big legged creature or rubber legged stone fly  -  very easy to tie.
Roaring River Trip Proves Successful  (Aug 5th)  Jerry Lybarger sends us this report on Roaring River State Park     Took a break from vacation w/ 20 minute ride to Roaring River on Wednesday Aug 5.   Water was up slightly - a plus for roaring River in my mind. Met a few locals and advertised for FATC and Wooly Bugger. Started at beginning of catch and release - no one there as slightly difficult walk over/around recent fallen trees or big rocks. Great spot. Fished to bridge. P&P lead the way when sun out, then cherise worms, white-pinkish egg (probably because I was downstream of the meat spinfishers), pale dunn and even a Colorado hopper along grass by bridge. Sporadic catches.   The tubers and kids in water made things a little touchy especially after noon as heated up - something to dislike about RR.  No pictures as everything around 10 to 13 1/2 inches and I can't multitask - fish and take pictures. 

Tan Vat and Below the Cable is Turning On  (Aug 9th) :  John Walker sends us this report from TanVat  and the Current river.    Jason "Dry Fly" Edwards and myself drove down to Montauk Sunday for some fishing. Jason was eager to try out his new Orvis rod and get back to some fishing. We started the morning at TanVat and fished down river. We had a pretty good morning. I caught 7-8 fish on a combination of zebra midge, P&P and Hares ear. The P&P was the best for me. Jason caught almost as many as I did but he made up for it by catching several really nice ones in the 14-17 inch range.  Jason caught the first big one on an orange asher fly he sells at Wooly Bugger Fly Company.  After that he caught 3-4 on a Cerise Worm. After lunch at the lodge, we headed below the cable. The fishing there in the afternoon was very very good. Jason started right where he left off catching a couple of nice ones on his cerise worm and I got a couple more on the P&P as we worked our way to the 90 degree bend.  At this point, I noticed a couple of fish right at the big rock taking flies lazily just at or below the surface.  So after stubbornly sticking with the P&P for too long I finally switched to a soft hackle and then a x-caddis and was surprised that they seemed uninterested. I realized that my leader, which I had used all day for nymphing, looked like one giant curly cue and it might be the problem. I swapped it out and bingo!! The fish really wanted that X-caddis. I caught the fish by the rock. It is rare, for me at least, to target a specific fish and actually catch him. As the day wore on the X-caddis was very productive. The highlight was when I was drifting the x-caddis in some shallow water ~ 1ft, when I saw this big object come around and blast the fly after it drifted over him. I never saw him until that moment but it was a nice big brown. A very attractive fish. Jason finished up really strong. He put on another orange asher and caught 5-6 in the last 30-40 minutes we were there. He might have done better if he had remembered to attach his net to his waist belt. :) anyhow, it was a very good day. Between the two of us we caught at least 40 fish. 

Big And Gawdy Does the Trick!! (Aug11th);   Kenny says, "before you go to the river always check the water levels!".  So what does Kenny do when he goes on this trip - he doesn't check the water levels.  I didn't realize that the storm on Sunday night effected the water levels so much.  Jeff Layton and I were going to meet up with FATC members Stan Patton, Mike Mikulin, and Larry Linneman at Montauk this past Tuesday.  As we arrived at the park the water was still 3 feet higher than normal, chocolate brown, and flowing three times faster than normal.  Tree limbs and brush were everywhere - the river, just in the park alone, has really changed as they had over eight feet of water rush through the park on Monday morning.  We bought tags anyway and decided to at least "give it a shot". We started up at the top of the stream - couldn't see the bottom and "new holes" (that we nearly fell into) were found as we walked downstream.  We started with nymphs first but after about ten minutes I decided that was not the ticket.  Remembering what I heard at a Landon Meyer seminar (Colorado guide), "when it's high and off colored then throw the MEAT!"  So I directed the other four that it was time to throw the Cerise worm and the catching began!  The Cerise worm fished deep with heavy weight and dead drifted did the trick.  No one else on the river was catching and by 1pm the river was "empty" of fly fishers except for us.  We couldn't fish everywhere because it would have been too dangerous but the places we could get to held fish.  I suspect it will take about four days to get the river back to normal.  As you can see from the last four trip reports the trout are starting to "turn on".  So don't miss this time of year.  Kids are back in school and the rivers will now be less crowded.
Montauk flood washes out tree trunks
Kenny Klimes and Jeff Layton
Cerise worms all day produced the most fish
Fish on for Jeff Layton
Jeff with a well deserved rainbow
Rainbow and Cerise worm
Larry Linneman eating lunch
Mike Mikulin enjoying his lunch
Stan Patton telling a story
Don't tell me - It's the three stooges!
Larry with a fish in the net
Knee deep and waist deep which is normally ankle deep
Mike has a "Fish On"
Coming to the net
Mike with one of his rainbows
Jeff with another of his rainbows
Andy Crannage, Terry Seaton and Kenny Klimes
early morning Trico hatch - tough to see in photo but there were millions of them!
Terry - first fish on with bamboo rod
Look at that rod bend!!
Terry's rainbow on his bamboo rod
Small brown taken at Tan Vat - Current river
Kenny and a Tan Vat rainbow
Andy with a nice brown trout - graduation fish - Andy, welcome to the FATC
Rainbow in the net
Andy with a rainbow on a green caddis emerger
Nice job, Andy!!
Kenny high sticking for some rainbows at Tan Vat
Andy working a deep hole.
Kenny with a nice rainbow on a P&P midge
Well, guess who we found fishing at Montauk - SID ASLIN
Look who decided to say hi to us this day at Montauk state park
Tan Vat and Montauk - water down and clear again! (Aug 26th)   Kenny Klimes, Terry Seaton and his co-worker, Andy Crannage, fished Tan Vat and Montauk this past Wednesday.  It was good to fish with Terry again and to meet his friend Andy.  Andy is already a fly fisher for many years and joined our fellowship this day.  The guys were greeted by a trico hatch when they arrived at Tan Vat.  Terry used his special bamboo rod that he received from Bruce Morton, and Andy was shown Tan Vat downstream.  Fishing was fair with 3 browns caught along with a bunch of rainbows.  P&P midges, green caddis emergers and cerise worms were the main flies.  The guys fished Tan Vat until noon and then headed off to see Andy's property which is next to Montauk state park.  The guys ate lunch on Andy's property.  What a beautiful spot!!  After lunch the gang headed to the park and the top of the fly fishing only area.  Fishing was fair the rest of the afternoon as they fished down to the boulder.  There they ran into the infamous Sid Aslin.  Sid was fishing for three days - practice makes perfect, Sid!  After fishing the guys headed to the campgrounds to find Bruce Morton who was there setting up his camper and getting ready to fish the next morning.  It was a fun day of fishing as always.  Terry and Andy had never eaten at Hicks BBQ in Cuba so we put BBQ on the menu for the night.   Andy, welcome to the FATC!!
FATC Colorado Trip - Steamboat Springs area (Sept 20 -27):   Our FATC just completed our "out of state" trip to Colorado.  We fished the Steamboat Springs area in Northern Colorado. First and foremost, I want to thank Tim Graham for setting up the trip - the food was awesome, the lodging was perfect, and you couldn't have picked a more beautiful area to fish. Thanks, Tim, for all your hard work! Also a shout out to Al Blair who was on the trip but broke his wrist a month prior.  Al came out with us anyway and did the majority of the cooking and cleaning.  He was a true servant to the rest of his brothers.  Thanks Al.  Now to the trip!  Tim "Crash" Graham, Al "NoBeez" Blair, Jerry "Uncle Jake" Lybarger, John "Dr. Montauk" Walker, Pete "Petersan" Drochelman, Ron "the Berwyn Bear" Fiala and Kenny "Sensei" Klimes made the trek to Steamboat Springs for a week. We flew out early Sunday morning and drove from Denver to the Steamboat area.  I have to say I lived in Colorado for four years and visited it many times in the fall but I have never seen the fall colors look this amazing - breath taking!  We settled in our cabin on Lake Agnes, a beautiful lake full of big fish.  The first night we celebrated our arrival and I mean - CELEBRATED. On Monday we got down to fishing and fished for six days straight at different locations and Gold Medal rivers.  The weather was perfect for vacationing, i.e. blue sunny skies everyday - but not great for catching.  We caught BIG fish at times but not in the numbers that we expected.  But the comraderie was awesome - thanks Ron for always having my back!  The St. Louis guys didn't have a chance against the Berwyn Boys!  

Fishing took place on the Blue river, Colorado river, Williams Fork and several locations on the Yampa river.  One day we fished right downtown in Steamboat Springs on part of the Yampa river - beautiful spot.  With the rivers crystal clear the majority of the time and sunny skies the trout were hunkered down.  You almost had to hit the big ones in the head for them to take the fly.  Best flies on the trip were: RS2, Pheasant tail nymph, Blue wing olive, midges (P&P), small leech patterns - and oh yeah, the frenchie - right Pete?  We experienced both dry fly and nymphing action throughout the week.  The group found that Lake Agnes had some big fish waiting for us and a local beaver pond produced some giants. John Walker pulled out a 21 inch rainbow from the beaver pond.  I could go into more detail but don't want to bore you.  The two quotes of the week that I have to mention were notable.  Ron Fiala and Pete Drochelman were fishing together when Pete hit a nice rainbow.  Pete was fighting the rainbow a little longer than Ron's liking so Ron yelled, "Pete, reel him in already!"  Pete, replied, "I can't, I'm fishing Tenkara" If you don't understand - just ask someone.  The other line of the week, again, included Ron and Pete.  As Pete was explaining his day of fishing and the flies he used, he just HAD to tell us "Yeah, Ron gave me a frenchie."  He did receive the strangest look from Ron as we bust out laughing. Guess you had to be there.  Great trip with memories and now friendships that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the pictures.
Da Boys of Colorado: Kenny Klimes, Pete Drochelman, Tim Graham, Ron Fiala, John Walker, and Jerry Lybarger
Lake Agnes
The view of Lake Agnes from our cabin
A beauty caught by John Walker
Ron, the Berwyn Bear, catches this nice rainbow from the beaver pond
A big hog caught in the beaver pond - over 20 inches!!
Could Pete have the smallest trout of the trip???
One of the many Gold medal rivers we had the chance to fish
Our meeting place in our cabin
One of the many awesome meals we had - Al, Pete, John, Ron, Tim, and Jerry
Nobody is gonna steal my lunch!
You need to carry one bag to the river!!  Looks like a Goodwill delivery pickup!
Kenny with a Yampa brown
Jerry measuring Ron's trout - neither one can see the tape measure.
Pete, are you sure your GPS says to take this road???
"So I'm eating Bull what again??"
"Don't mess with da Berwyn Boys cause he can kill youse guys with just one look!"
Lake Agnes - hit some big trout in there. Awesome colors!!!
Kenny with a 19 inch Lake Agnes rainbow on a hopper
Ready for the long hike to Williams Fork - John, Jerry, Kenny and Ron
This LOOKS like Trouble!!  Oh come on, it's just water in a glass with olives.
Buddies and roommates doing the dishes
Thank you Tim for an awesome trip - you done good!
Jerry is high sticking the Yampa
Kenny doing his high sticking
Tim fishing the Yampa below Stagecoach reservoir
Ron hunting for big trout
A deer running away from a couple of knuckleheads
Big Al couldn't fish but he enjoyed the relaxation and the scenery.
Ron, the Berwyn Bear, roams the streams of Colorado.
Nice catch Ron
The beauty of Colorado
Ron put your glasses back on that's a rock not a big trout
Ron changes his fly - could it be a Frenchie??
John with the big fish of the trip.  A 21 inch rainbow from the beaver pond.
Tim enjoying the day on the water - before the CRASH!
Nice Colorado rainbow
Another big trout from the Yampa near Stage Coach
Hey Pete, half of your rod is missing??  He's got the Tenkara bug - look out!
Caption says it all.
Some of the boys fishing the Yampa river in the town of Steamboat
Big rainbow from the Yampa again.
John with a nice catch - smile John!
Pete with a beauty of a catch - Pete, did you use a guide to help you find that big fish?
Kenny caught this beautiful 17 inch Brown from the Colorado river
Pete with a beauty from Lake Agnes on a hopper.
John caught this trout on the Yampa river below Stage Coach.
Which one of the seven could only afford socks like these - could it be the lawyer??
Pete with an awesome rainbow from his "Guided" Lake Agnes float.
Jerry with a nice Lake Agnes trout
Pete, get that camera out of here!!!
Da Berwyn Boys - Standing Tall (or least one of us).
Tim with a nice Lake Agnes trout
Big fat rainbow from Colorado
Great rainbow
Kenny with his catch from a gold medal river in Colorado
Jerry - nice catch
Tim with a big trout from the beaver pond - wouldn't it be nice to have a pond like this at your house
Jerry with a beaver pond trout
Jerry with a big catch from Lake Agnes