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Fly Tying Links
Lake Taneycomo - Water Level Charts 

Missouri Rivers - River water levels from NOAA 

Table Rock Dam Generation Flow - Daily schedule of generation flow into Lake Taneycomo - Use TRD #12 on Chart

Current River/TanVat/Baptist Camp - Water Levels outside of Montauk State Park - Click on "Current River at Akers Ferry" for this Area

Meramec River - Cardiac Hill Area and Outside of Meramec Spring Park

Montauk State Park - Water levels in the park

Bennett Spring Park - Water Levels in Park
Fly Fishing Informational Sites
Links to Local Water Levels
Fly Anglers Online - Fly Fishing Basics and Fly Tying info.

West Fly -  Western United States emphasis with Fly Tying and Entomology

Fly Fishing Connection - Fly Tying Patterns

Tying Perfect Flies - Numerous flies with recipes

Fly Recipes - Site with numerous fly patterns and recipes

Great Fly Tying Site - Here are some great flys with instructions

Fly Fishing Entomology - Check this site out to learn the entomology of fly fishing insects.

Fly Tying Forum - Have your questions answered by the experts!

Trout Nut - web site with great info on trout and the flies to catch them.

Flyfishing Connection - loaded with fly fishing info.

Midcurrent - site with techniques, articles, and info

Fly Fisherman magazine - articles on fly fishing

Dave Whitlock - master fly fisherman with techniques and advice

San Juan River, NM - info, techniques, flies for the San Juan River

Fishing in the Sierras - Great site with fly fishin tactics and techniques that can be used any where.

FlyFishers' Republic -  Site with Info on destinations, fly tying, equipment, and techniques.

Fly Fishing Equipment
Compass 360 Gear - A new innovative company that will sponsor the FATC and allow us to buy waders, wading boots, rain gear and more for up to 40% off.  Watch for more info coming soon - if interested contact Kenny Klimes at for details. 

River Run Outfitters - A great fly shop in Southwest Missouri and a great source of info for Lake Taneycomo.  Tell them you are with the Flyfishers at The Crossing (St. Louis group) and they will give a 10% discount.  You MUST show your membership card!

Feathercraft - The Best Fly Shop in St. Louis? Tell them you are with the Flyfishers at The Crossing and they will graciously give you a 10% discount. You MUST show your membership card!

Wooly Bugger Fly Co.  This a Local St. Louis company owned and operated by our very own Jason "Dry Fly" Edwards.  They have some great flies for less, plus other items.  Check Out our very own FATC Fly Kits.  They will give a discount to our group - use 'thecrossing' as your coupon code for a 20% discount! 

Cutthroat Furled Leaders  - Great small fly fishing company in Idaho that makes handmade 'threaded furled leaders'.  They offer us a 20% discount on all their products (use "crossing" in their coupon code).

Cabelas - fly fishing equipment web site.  Our local Cabelas supports our group with in store discounts and fly fishing knowledge.

Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters - A great fly shop in my hometown!  They have everything you need regarding fly fishing along with some great trips up north...want to fish for some big steelhead or smallmouth?  They can give you the top locations!  They carry the full line of Sage and Simms products.

Blue Ribbon Fly Shop - This fly shop is in West Yellowstone.  Very friendly and always willing to help with information.  Check out there web site for great fly tying, Yellowstone area fishing reports, and fly gear. They also have a great email newsletter.

Stillwater Fly Shop  -  I recently bought a very nice reel from this company and got a great deal, i.e. they are in Oregon so we don't have to pay sales tax, free shipping, and they put great fly line and backing on for free.  Saved a Bunch.

Orvis - fly fishing rods and equipment website

Simms - Simms waders and equipment. Check out the "films" menu for some great videos.

Sage - fly fishing rods and equipment

St. Croix Rods - fly fishing rods

American Fly Fishing - equipment, information, etc.

Dr. Slick - Fly Fishing products, great tools for tying and fishing

Project Healing Waters - Fly Fishing for Veterans - Check out the video "the river just knows"
This page was last updated: February 20, 2017
Here are the Rules and Regulations for Missouri Trout Fishing:   Click Here!
Water Levels - Why should I care and What do they all mean?

If you are going to fish the rivers of Missouri you must know and understand how to read the water level charts or you may be in for a wasted 2 - 4 hour drive. Many of the rivers have a "normal" level for wading. After a rain you should always check the river levels to decide if you should go fish or not. You can avoid muddy, high water levels and maybe even flooding. Usually after a couple days of rain it can take up to 2 - 3 days for the river to get back to normal levels.  It may take longer during heavy rains. So know the levels that keep you safe and into fish. Go to our links page and check out the water levels for the location you wish to fish. Below are some examples:

Cardiac Hill/Outside Meramec Spring Park - Check out the Meramec water level gauges at Steelville. Normal here is between 1.5 - 2.5 feet.  3 feet water levels become very difficult for wading (this level you may not be able to cross over the river at the Park).  Make sure flow rate is less than 750cfs but less than 400cfs is ideal.

Lake Taneycomo - On the Lake Taneycomo site check the second chart down (Green Line); to wade fish it should be below about 705 feet MSL. No generation flow is around 702 feet MSL. On the Generation Flow site check the generation flow for #12 TRD (Table Rock Dam). They will only give the day of and the next day (after 6 pm) generation flow. Wading becomes difficult  to impossible if the flow is 100MV or greater

Current River - The Current River site gives the water level and flow above Akers. Normal level is about 2-3  feet. This gauge can give you an idea of flooding in this area which is outside of Montauk state park.

Montauk State Park - Use the Montauk Site to give the water levels at the state park. The normal is 1.5 - 2 feet. If it is higher due to rains it could mean cloudy, muddy water.

Great Informational Sites on Fly Fishing Our Local Area

Missouri Fly Hatch - Charts with the hatches in Missouri

Ozarkanglers - great site for local and Missouri fly fishing info.

Ozarkangler - another great site for Ozark fly fishing.

Missouri Department of Conservation - info on Missouri regulations and other local topics

Taneycomo Trout - Great site for info on fishing Lake Taneycomo.  If you need a good guide, Jeremy Hunt will get you on some big fish.

Lake Taneycomo Fishing Reports - Going to Lake Taneycomo then check out this site for up to date fishing reports

River Run Outfitters  A great source of info for Lake Taneycomo. 

North Arkansas Troutfitters - Great guide service and web site. AND this is Terry Seaton's nephew!!
Our Flyfishers at The Crossing Sticker is now for Sale!
$4 per Sticker

The sticker is of the highest quality for your car window, computer case, etc..  The sticker is 2 inches high by 6 1/2 inches long.  

Take a sneak peak and check it out by clicking on the picture below!!
FATC Establishes Partnership with Cutthroat Leader Co.

We have partnered with Cutthroat Leaders to bring you a great product;  Handmade Uni-Thread Leaders.  I have recently fished their leaders and I was totally impressed.  They have no memory and that equates to more accurate casts, better line control and with enough give to prevent the lightest tippet from breaking! 

Mike Morin, the owner of Cutthroat Leader Co., has agreed to give the FATC a 20% discount on his furled leaders.

 This partnership also includes free shipping on sales of $20 or more and no sales tax.  To get your 20% discount use the coupon code "crossing" when checking out with your order.  Get a few others together and make a big order to take advantage of this discount.

So why are Uni-Thread furled leaders better than the rest? Check out Mike's web site for the answers and check out this video Uni-Thread Furled Leaders.  I know Mike doesn't sound like he's from Idaho - cause he's from Boston!  Check out their web site for all the good reasons that you should try the Cutthroat Furled Leader!!
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Our new partner in wading and rain gear is Compass 360.  This is a new and innovative fly fishing company that is offering their gear to our FATC for 40% off.  This special pricing is for FATC and their family members only (Non-FATC can get gear for 20% discount). They have waders, vests, wading jackets, wading boots and more....

For more info on discount get hold of Kenny Klimes at or just click on the email button above.

Got to the Compass 360 web site to see all their wading and rain gear products.  Click here